FSP Member Newsletter 7th Edition


Greetings FSP! Another quarter is behind us, and FSP is growing and thriving. I am proud of the work FSP is doing to advance the excellence of diverse professionals in the financial services industry. We are effectively building a strong network of Black professionals in our industry and opening pathways to career development and business opportunities. In January, FSP hosted a virtual workshop on developing a standout resume and enhancing social media presence. This workshop was conducted by two experts, Bradlee Benn with Russell Reynolds and Layla Nielsen, founder of Layla Nielsen and Co. The session included one-on-one resume consultations and insightful advice for a professional online profile. Based on the feedback, attendees found the workshop to be extremely helpful. 


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FSP Member Newsletter 10th Edition

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FSP Annual Report 2022

We prepared and published the organization’s Annual Report for fiscal year 2022. It provides an overview of FSP’s operations and financial condition over the previous