FSP Member Newsletter 4th Edition

Welcome to our 4th edition of the FSP Newsletter. This has been a busy and productive quarter for FSP. So, let’s recap. We are excited to announce that FSP has partnered with the SEC to bring you quality programming featuring senior executives from the agency and to introduce our talented financial services professionals to career advancing opportunities. The first joint program with the SEC will take place in September so stay tuned for details.


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FSP Member Newsletter 15th Edition

Greetings, FSP! We have had a productive first quarter of 2024 and I am
pleased with the strides the organization continues to make pursuing its important mission of increasing diversity in the financial services industry.

FSP Member Newsletter 14th Edition

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD  Happy Holidays, FSP!! As we bid farewell to 2023, we thank everyone for supporting FSP throughout the year and

FSP Annual Report 2023

During the 4th quarter, FSP published its 2023 Annual Report, recapping a successful year of advancing the organization’s primary goal of increased diversity in the