FSP Member Newsletter 8th Edition

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD  Greetings FSP and welcome to our summer edition of the FSP Newsletter. FSP joined the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies and other Black professional organizations in signing its name to letters to the Biden Administration to successfully advance the historic nominations and confirmations of Supreme Court Justice […]

FSP Member Newsletter 7th Edition

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD  Greetings FSP! Another quarter is behind us, and FSP is growing and thriving. I am proud of the work FSP is doing to advance the excellence of diverse professionals in the financial services industry. We are effectively building a strong network of Black professionals in our industry and opening […]

FSP Member Newsletter 6th Edition

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD   We are nearing the end of another year, a year filled with unexpected twists and turns. And yet, FSP continues to thrive and effectively advance the mission of enriching the careers of our members by sharing the resources of a broad network of Black professionals in the financial services […]

FSP Member Newsletter 5th Edition

It is an exciting time for FSP! We have seen the positive impacts of our consulting agreement with CoCo B Productions, including our new and improved logo. All of our promotional materials, including flyers, newsletter, and sponsorship packet have been given a facelift. CoCo B also is assisting with program planning and execution to enhance […]

FSP Member Newsletter 4th Edition

Welcome to our 4th edition of the FSP Newsletter. This has been a busy and productive quarter for FSP. So, let’s recap. We are excited to announce that FSP has partnered with the SEC to bring you quality programming featuring senior executives from the agency and to introduce our talented financial services professionals to career […]

Black Wall Street

Remembering Black Wall Street: 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre The presentation from our May 25th program entitled “Remembering Black Wall Street: 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre” was outstanding.  It provided an excellent overview of the rise and fall of Black Wall Street, highlighting the successful Black-owned businesses, the devastation of homes and businesses, […]

FSP Member Newsletter 3rd Edition

Greetings FSP! We are off and running to a great start in 2021. But first, I would be remiss to not look back at how we ended 2020. FSP welcomed then-CFTC Chairman, the Honorable Heath Tarbert, for a fireside chat. We covered a variety of issues including responsible fintech innovation and initiatives to address diversity […]

Financial Services Professionals Salutes President Biden & Vice President Harris

Financial Services Professionals (FSP) congratulates the new Biden-Harris Administration on this historic occasion! We celebrate the historical importance of Vice President Kamala Harris as the first woman and person of Black and South Asian descent to serve as Vice President. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, fiercely contested election results, and an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol […]

FSP Member Newsletter 2nd Edition

Greetings FSP! This is our 2nd official newsletter, designed to keep you informed and connected. A lot has happened since our last newsletter. In September, we hosted a meet and greet for the Honorable Jay Clayton, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and received an update on diversity initiatives at the agency from […]